2019 Fall Pub League - Week 3

Oct. 8, 2019 • Andrew Maron

Despite some lingering soreness from the 7th Annual Holy City Cup, we had a great turnout this week and we were able to play 10 v 10 with subs. The game turned into a high scoring affair. Wilson&Johnson were relentless with their scoring as they were able to point at will and from almost anywhere on the field. The halftime score was 28-9.  

With a lopsided halftime score, Brendan Dagg from Wilson&Johnson switch to play with Daps. It proved to be a difference maker as Daps started chip away at the halftime margin. But the large halftime deficit proved to be too much for Daps to overcome with the continued onslaught from Wilson&Johnson. 

Both teams played exceptionally well in the second half offensively as players continued to point form all over the field and pushed up front for goals when the opportunity presented itself. AN overall fun match to watch. Wilson&Johnson held strong for the victory 48-39.

Andrew Maron was voted player of the week this week for stellar play across the field.