Press Release

2023 Membership Year

Jan. 19, 2023 • Andrew Maron

We've got a great year of Gaelic sports ahead of us in Charleston. We'll cover the deadlines and other details below. There are two different membership dues required to play:

  • 1.  Dues paid to the club
  • 2.  Dues paid to the USGAA

Charleston Membership

Club dues for returning players are $150 a year and can be paid via check, Venmo, or Paypal.

New players can register at a discounted rate of $50 the first year.

Payment is due by February 25th, ahead of Camden Cup (March 4). There will also be a registration social event. Stay tuned to our social media for those details.

How to pay club dues

Members can submit payment multiple ways:

If you would like to set up a payment plan, or have any general questions about dues, please contact Christina For electronic payments, please include your name in the notes.

USGAA Membership

Any Club Member hoping to play in sanctioned tournaments or at nationals must register with the USGAA.

Fees: The cost is $63.00 for men and $42.00 for women. 
Deadlines: The deadline for anyone who has registered in previous years, or is Irish born, is April 30th

If you have never previously registered (and are not Irish) the deadline is August 1st but please note that you must register before playing in any sanctioned tournaments.

You need to be registered with the USGAA if you want to play in Camden Cup on March 4. This registration applies to all 2023 sanctioned tournaments. 

How to pay USGAA dues

Register here

Click the link for "USGAA Registration System" and follow the prompts from there. When entering your details remember that we are in the South East Division and that you will be registering with Charleston Hurling and Football (men), or Charleston Camogie and Ladies Football (women). The registration "type" for the majority of you will be Resident Player-Homegrown. Any Irish born will be Resident Player-Irish Born.

Here are our grades:

  • •  Hurling Junior D
  • •  Men’s and ladies Football Junior C
  • •  Camogie Junior B

Thanks y'all and up Charleston!