Former Offaly hurler pulls off amazing bit of skill when scoring point during hurling match in the US

Oct. 16, 2015 • Ryan Shrum

And he didn’t even break stride either.

If you’re familiar with the hurling scene in Offaly, then the name of Tullamore man Brendan ‘Benny’ Dagg will probably ring a bell.

Brendan hasn’t been around the last few years having emigrated to the US, but his grá for the small ball game hasn’t diminished and he has helped set up a hurling club in Charleston, South Carolina.

Brendan doesn’t appear to have lost his touch either as footage from a recent game shows him pull off a quite remarkable piece of improvisation and quick-thinking.

Brendan was bursting out of defence when he dropped his hurley but without having to break stride, he chipped the hurley back into his hand, took a return pass from a teammate and fired the ball over the bar.

The reaction of the cameraman says it all.

Skill like that belongs in Croke Park, but it’s great to see it on show in South Carolina too.

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