Hurling catching on in Charleston

May. 30, 2012 • Ryan Shrum

The Irish national sport of hurling hasn't exactly caught on here in Charleston, but it's starting to.

It's the vision of two guys, Ireland native Brendan Dagg who has been playing the sport since childhood and American Ryan Shrum, who has played the game for several years. Both newcomers to Charleston, and they've brought hurling with them.

The two met up here in town and started the Charleston Hurling Club.

"So far, we've started really good," Dagg said. "A mixture of guys who played baseball, lacrosse, football and soccer have joined. It's a really good mix of fitness levels and different types of guys."

As for the game of hurling, which none of the guys knew when they started earlier this spring.

"It's a cross of soccer with baseball, hockey and lacrosse as more familiar sports," Shrum says. "It's fast-paced with a lot of skill and speed. It's a lot of fun and very physical"

The rules are a challenge to learn as well, but Dagg teaches the guys the basics.

"It's played on a field of 150 yards. There are 15 players on a side. You try and score a goal like soccer for three points, and if it goes over the uprights it's one point."

It sounds simple enough, and it's fun to watch. The learning curve is steep, but if you want to play, these guys want you.

"It's fast, fun, skillful and friendly. And, it's a game now in Charleston," Dagg said.

Originally posted by Scott Eisberg on ABC News 4